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Apart from the pages with accessories, advertisements, comics and specials, there's also a lot of material that doesn't fall into one of those categories. I'll try to fit them on this page.

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Olympic MGA

MGA-Olympics-2012At the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London several classic cars were used. One of them was this MGA covered in newspapers, although I have no idea why this was done. I took the photo from the telly while the newspaper-covered MGA drove by. Not too sharp a photo, but it was moving quite fast ;-)



The Fabulous Fifties

mga-fabulous-fiftiesNo only on the cover of LP's but now also on CD!



Too Fast, Too Furious?

28-05-2010Some photos should never have been taken. But yes, I was really driving too fast and have to pay the penalty


Color Me Gone!

MGA kleurplaatStart your kids early with the MGA-virus, so give them this colouring picture!


Style your garage

MGA - Style your garageAt first glance, this looks like your normal garage with an MGA in it. One with all kinds of other junk lying around. But look closer, it's an utterly realistic image that's printed on a plastic sheet which is stuck on the garage door - the latest craze for home owners who want to not so much keep up with, as totally freak out, the Joneses. These weather and fire-resistant prints are designed to disguise that boring, flaky, greying metalwork. Held in place by industrial strength Velcro, they are easy to change and virtually indestructible. It might even provide a home for your pet crocodile! Find it at "Style-your-Garage".


Racegame TwinCam

mga_racegameEver tried your hands on racing an MGA TwinCam? No...? Now here's your change to do so at home as there's one in a racing game from Jowood that you can download here. According to reports it is a very good rendition of a MGA coupe. The inside and outside are very good and the outside even shows the wing rubbers. Trouble is like an MGA it is pretty underpowered (supercharger needed) certainly while driving uphill on the first Swiss stage. There are also many cars (and some stages/tracks) that can be downloaded including an Austin Healey 3000.


For your desk

MGA_monitorImagine ordering a new monitor your desktop only to find out that it comes in a box with an MGA!


An MGA Love Affair?

MGA-love-affairsWhen I saw this book in the library, I didn't hesitate to take it home. I eagerly started reading, but my disappointment was great as nowhere in the book an MGA is mentioned. Not even another sports car is used as means of transport. And the rest of the book? Well... if you like a sopping love story it should be alright, I guess.


Britney and her MGA

MGA-Britney-1Surely this photo belongs on the MGA-advertising page, but I simply couldn’t resist this photoshoot of Britney Spears promoting Candie's cloths. Now look at the MGA. Shocking pink? Oh boy, surely someone must have photoshopped it to look like this. Perhaps it’s the same MGA that was used in the clip for her 2009 clip for the song ‘Radar’. See the MGA on YouTube!


Another MGA record

MGA_recordThis one comes from the collection of Gary Bristow. he bought it 45 years ago while shopping for a second-hand MGA. Unfortunately the dealer sold him an Austin Healey 3000, so he missed out on the MGA experience :-)


an MGA puzzle

MGA-essoIs it really an MGA or is it an artist's impression? I think an MGA was the inspiration for this cover of this small booklet. It is titled "know your car" and was issued by Esso Nederland B.V. in the 1960s.


MGA by Skoda

MGA_skodaman_2A set of six wonderful drawings of MGA's by Guy the Skodaman


One for the record

MGA-georges-jouvin-1An EP (extended play) dating from 1959 that contained four songs by French musician Georges Jouvin with his golden trumpet. I don't know if the MGA 1500 belonged to Georges or was loaned to him just to make a pretty picture

(record collection Karel Vermeer)


To the wall

MGA_Christoph_DorscheidAt the 2008 Techno Classica in Essen, German classic car dealer Christoph Dorscheid found a novel way of advertising his wares. Just nail a lot of MGA parts to the wall and you've got a lovely decoration.


The 100.000th MGA

MGA_100000When MG in Abingdon produced the 100.000th MGA it was of course a special occasion. They made this one very special with gold metallic paint, white leather interior and white lamb’s wool carpet. Also there were three “100.000” insignias on the car. It was long thought that this car had vanished after it had been exhibited on the 1962 New York Motor Show. Only recently it reappeared. It had been sold after the show and remained in one family for all those years. The image shown here is a model made by RAE in 1:43 scale in 1996. It was available in kit form or ready built. I wonder if it is still available somewhere?


MGA_Revell_2There have been more models of the MGA. Left an MGA 1600 made by Revell in 2003. Below several others...




A Lizard in an MGA

MGA-geikoMeet the Geico Gecko. He’s very famous. You’ve have never heard of him? Then you’re obviously not a resident of the USA. Geico Gecko works as spokesman for Geico, an American company that sells insurance. The strange thing in this picture is of course not the Gecko but the MGA. Ever seen one with door handles?


Stamps with an MGA

MGA_Stamp_1Several countries issued stamps that feature an MGA. This example dates from 1984 and was issued in Portugal to commemorate the Rally of Madeira. Notice that the stamp shows a 1500 or 1600 MGA coupé, while the first-day envelope shows a Twin Cam. More stamps with MG's can be found on the website of Willem van der Veer.


The MGA film bag

MGA-filmbagWith digital camera's now in use by almost everyone, the old-fashioned photo-film is rapidly disappearing. From those by-gone days is this Kodak film bag that was used to send your film roll to the developer


A Comic Duo

Magnette_snip_snapLong before World War II, the comic duo Piet Muyselaar en Willy Walden was extremely popular in Holland. Apart from their theatre shows dressed as the women miss Snip and miss Snap, they also appeared in commercials. Like this photograph for Philips car radio’s made in the 1950’s in which they used their own cars: Piet Muyselaar on the right in his Humber Super Snipe and on the left Willy Walden in his MG Magnette ZA.

Photo found on mijn oude auto (in Dutch only)


Eighteen Old English White Tourers

MGA-PanatellaEighteen Old English White Tourers in a 30 second TV promotion. In the Safety Fast! issue of January 1986, the late Dennis Ogborn of the MGA-register wrote of an experience he had when he was asked to participate in a TV-commercial for Embassy Panatella Slim Cigars. The advertising company had an idea in which a string of exactly the same Old English White MGA tourers stuck a ford with one actually in the water… along comes a chap in a red Ford Cortina, sees what is causing the delay, gets out of his car, lights up the Panatella, pumps up his wheels to balloons and then drives past the queue, into the ford, past the stranded MGA and out on the other side. The whole exercise proving that: “…only if you smoke Embassy Slim Panatellas can you overcome such difficulties.”


Brand new!

MGA-brand-newIn 1982 the MGA Centre in Darlington, UK (now Moss Motors) built this MGA 1600 from all new parts from their stock. After a 3000-mile trip through Europe the black car was advertised by them in 1983 in the magazine 'Classic & Sportscar' for a price of 8.500 pounds. I wonder what has happened to it. Did it find a new owner? Is it still around?


On the cover

MGA-panoramaPanorama is a Dutch magazine that in the 1950s used to be read by the whole family. They published this front cover in October 1958 and I remember having seen it when I was a kid. Off course the magazine eventually found its way to the dustbin and I never thought I would see this cover again. But early 2007 I found it at an autojumble and was able to buy it for only a few euros. The drawing was made by the Danish born (in 1925) artist Kurt Ard, who produced many cover illustrations for well-known American magazines like The Saturday Evening Post, Reader's Digest and McCall's. Probably this MGA was also featured on the cover of one of these magazines. But... is it really an MGA? Yes, of course it is, but the artist has made slight changes to the model, probably not to get into trouble with copyrights. Look for instance at the grille that has a different shape and that is definitely not an MG logo up front.



Blue Hawaii

MGA-elvisThis is not just any MGA... it's the MGA that was used by Elvis in his 1961 movie "Blue Hawaii". This MGA now resides in the Graceland museum in Memphis Tennessee. The MGA has some non-standard modifications, but it's not in pristine condition. It is what it is, one of Elvis's sports cars, on display just as he left it. It has the appearance (paint, condition, etc) of an MGA you might find on a used car lot in the late 60's or early 70's. One of the songs in the movie in which both Elvis and the MGA played a star role was "Almost always true" (oh yes, there was a girl in the scene, too).



MGA_LindbergIn the early 1960s a plastic model kit of the MGA was made by The Lindberg Line. This model of the 1600 was also available as a 1600 Mk II. There's a company in the Netherlands that still stocks them.


Pub Mirror

MGA_pub_mirrorThis pub mirror of an MGA in Old English White I bought somewhere around 1975. It was made by a firm called Kimble.


The MGA Weathervane

MGA_weathervane"Otter Weathervanes" in Great Britain is a specialist designer and manufacturer of all kinds of weathervanes. They have a large selection of all kinds of automobiles, including the MGA. You can even choose between wire wheels and steel wheels! Their website is well worth a visit.


The Sticker Saga

MGATO_sticker_1When way back in 1973 the Dutch MGATO (MGA Type Owners Holland) was formed, it was thought that a sticker was needed. so that members would be able to see if another MGA was also a member. Unfortunately one of the board-members (not me!) became a little overenthusiastic and had a whole batch of stickers made with an emblem he had drawn himself. Unfortunately for him, his design was not approved by the other board-members and the whole batch was destroyed. The whole batch? No, only one sticker was saved.


After this adventure another sticker was designed (and approved!). On the left is a pre-production model.


Full Speed

MGA-full-speedIn the fifties and sixties when smoking wasn't yet frowned upon, many cigarette brands had pictures on the inside of the boxes. Boys urged there fathers to smoke as much as possible, just so that they could collect a lot of pictures. One of better known brands was "Full Speed". They had at first drawings of automobiles, and later photographs. Of course the MGA was also featured.


Biscuits and Matches

MGA_matchboxNot only cigarette brands carried pictures of cars. Other manufacturers followed suit, like this 1956 MGA that was included in a pack of biscuits (below) and an MGA 1600 Mk II that graced a box of matches.


How to built your own MGA

MGA_modelplans_2Years ago I found this set of blue prints with dimensions of the MGA. The drawings date from December 1955. They were made by Richard Collett and they were meant to use as a guide for making your own scratch-built model.

Click here for the plans in full.


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